Our Technologies to Treat Selenium

Growing awareness of the environmental impact of selenium has resulted in selenium removal becoming an important issue for mining operations. Our technology solution selectively removes selenium from mine waters to less than 1 ppb, produces only a small quantity of non-hazardous solid by-product, is highly adaptable to fluctuations in hydraulic flow and variable mass loads of selenium, is insensitive to cold mine water temperatures, has no risk of acute fish toxicity and offers significant water treatment life cycle cost savings.


We offer a process that combines ion exchange and electrochemical reduction to selectively remove selenium from mining wastewater down to single-digit ppb levels.


This process concentrates the selenium into a small volume of brine solution that is treated with electrochemical cells to precipitate the selenium as a stable iron-selenium solid. After the solids are separated from the liquid, the brine solution is recycled back to the ion exchange circuit, eliminating waste liquid brine. XRD and TCLP analysis have verified the solids to be non-toxic.

Selen-IX™ units are compact modules with a small footprint and can be easily deployed in remote locations to treat multiple discharge points.

Selen-IX™ Mobile Pilot Plant

Our Selen-IX™ mobile pilot plant provides on-site field testing to demonstrates selenium removal from mine impacted waters to comply with discharge requirements and to provide the preliminary design criteria required for scale-up to a full-size plant.


Housed in a self-contained insulated shipping container, the unit can be transported to your site for field testing with fresh solution. The unit is also equipped with a field laboratory to provide complete analytical functionality. Well suited to treat cold mine water in remote locations for both selenite and selenate, the plant is operable in any weather condition on a continuous basis by highly trained engineering and operational personnel.

Mobile Pilot Plant Specs

Technologies Selen-IX™
Capacity Up to 2.8 m3/day (0.51 USGPM)
Reagents Required Sulphuric acid, caustic, peroxide, sodium sulphate and flocculant
Unit Size 40’ long x 8’ wide x 9.6’ high
Electrical CSA/BC Safety Authority
Automation & Controls Fully instrumented, programmable PLC and HMI for unattended operation