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Thiocyanate Part 2: Management Options

March 13, 2023

In Part 1 of our series on thiocyanate, we looked at why this compound is now becoming an issue for the gold industry when this precious metal has been mined for centuries. We identified the mining of complexed gold ore deposits, recycling of process water, tightening regulations and the ineffectiveness of conventional cyanide detox to […]

Thiocyanate Part 1: A Problem in Gold Mining

June 23, 2021

Thiocyanate is a growing environmental challenge for the gold industry. Harmful to both humans and aquatic life, thiocyanate presence is becoming more prevalent in gold mining effluents. It is formed when cyanide reacts with sulphur containing minerals and/or compounds released into solution during the metallurgical extraction of gold. Ore bodies rich in pyrrhotite, an iron […]

Observations about SART Plant Costs

December 5, 2017

As the modern gold mining sector tries to avoid the depletion of metal reserves, the importance of complex gold deposits are increasing. These deposits are characterized by elevated content of cyanide soluble metals such as copper and zinc which increases cyanide consumption and destruction costs. As a result, additional steps in the metallurgical flowsheet are […]