BioteQ Successfully Completes Third Full Season at Raglan

VANCOUVER, BC – BioteQ Environmental Technologies Inc. (TSX:BQE), a leader in the treatment of metal and sulphate contaminated water, reported today that its Raglan operation in northern Quebec has successfully completed its third full season of operations, treating a total of 920,000 cubic metres of water, an increase of 12 percent over 2006. The water treatment plant, operated for Xstrata, was placed in its scheduled stand-by mode on November 13 for the duration of the winter. Because Raglan operates in the Arctic, it is a seasonal operation that is shut down when the water source freezes at the site; plant operations are expected to re-start in May 2008 when there is sufficient snow melt to provide water for processing.

BioteQ commenced water treatment at the Raglan site in April of this year, one month earlier than usual. However, a slow melting season caused a depletion in available water to treat during May and part of June. In spite of this delay, BioteQ was able to exceed its budget target of 800,000 cubic metres of water treated because of process improvements to the original design that enabled the company to double the processing flow of the plant. The BioteQ plant has replaced a conventional lime water treatment plant and produces no lime sludge for storage, while recovering 12,500 kilograms of nickel in concentrate for reprocessing by Xstrata. The plant has continued to meet all regulations for water discharged to the environment, achieving less than 0.2 parts per million nickel concentration, less than half the regulatory standard. BioteQ is paid a water processing fee of $1.12 per cubic metre of water processed, plus a monthly capital fee of $31,800. Plant operating costs for labour and consumables met budget expectations.

BioteQ Corporate Profile
BioteQ finances, builds, owns and operates water treatment plants for the world’s mining companies and utility operators, reducing environmental liabilities while generating revenue from waste. The company’s commercially proven technology treats acid mine drainage and other metal-laden waste water by sequentially removing metals and sulphate, producing saleable metal products and clean water than can be discharged safely to the environment. BioteQ is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, and trades on the TSX under the symbol BQE. For additional information, go to


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