Why BQE Water

Cost-effective Compliance

Our mine water treatment solutions achieve compliance with strict regulations and reduce life cycle costs by: minimizing waste and liabilities, recovering value from waste; and maximizing water recovery

Manage & Mitigate Risks

We provide performance and operating guarantees to manage the technical risks with treating wastewater from mining and hydrometallurgical activities

Customized Solutions

Every waste stream is different and every site has unique requirements for environmental discharge, waste residue disposal and operational considerations – we customize solutions to your needs

Full Scope of Services

Water Treatment Assessment

Evaluate solutions to determine water treatment that best meets client, regulatory and stakeholder requirements

Lab/Pilot Testing

Test water treatment solutions to verify process applicability and establish optimal performance specifications

Feasibility & Process Engineering

Assess practicality and detailed process design of water treatment solution

Project Management

Plan and execute water treatment implementation within budgetary and timeline scopes


Complete system checks, testing and adjustments to bring new plant to performance targets

Operations & Maintenance

Plant operations services including technical supervision, reporting and preventative maintenance

Ongoing Technical Support

Assistance for optimal plant performance from data analysis, troubleshooting to training

Plant Optimization

Review and assess existing plant to identify opportunities to optimize its performance

We Work for You

Highly responsive

We have initiated water treatment at mine sites within five weeks of first contact and delivered full-scale plants in as little as five months.

Best solution for you

We will tell you if another technology is best for your site or if treatment objectives can be met with modifications to your existing solution.

Selective Treatment

We target constituents of concern to provide greater process efficiency and to optimize water treatment life cycle costs.